Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Resolving FRM-92150 Web client version too new

I have come across this error many times especially after cloning Oracle Applications from one environment to the other. As usual, I thought I should share the solution we have always used.

You are running Oracle Applications when you receive the error FRM-92150 Web client version too new. One simple solution that works is to clear the Jinitiator Cache:

1. Enable the Java console screen (Use Show Java Console) to note down the Jinitiator version running at the time you get the error.

This is important if you are running multi-client environments that has downloaded different versions of Jinitiator on your PC.

2. Go to Control Panel

3. Select and Open the Jinitiator that matches the version you noted above. (e.g Jinitiator

4. Click the Cache Tab

5. Click the Clear Jar Cache Button.

6. Open a new explorer screen

7. Connect to e-Business suite and open your form screen successfully

This solution will work in other scenarios, however this has always worked using Internet Explorer on Windows XP to access Oracle Application 11.5.10 hosted on Red Hat Linux.