Friday, 28 September 2007

Enterprise Manager Upgrade Hints

I have just upgraded my test Grid Control from release 2 ( to release 3 ( The first thing did was to read the Readme. This provided most of the hints I need to know and to avoid before I start. For instance, patches to apply and those to rollback.

EM Grid Control Release 3 ( Readme

After that, I picked the release note itself and still went through thoroughly. I know we do not all have the time to do it, but I see it as very cost effective because you spend less time in problem diagnosis after meeting all the requirements.

EM Grid Control Release 3 ( Release Note (Linux and Windows)

I did not have a patch to apply or rollback because the ones mentioned in the release note does not apply to my setup.

I have answered a lot of question relating to upgrades in the Oracle forum and most of the time, they are simply related to pre-install requirements and compatibility. Although the Readme and release notes as rightly pointed out by one of the users, is not always correct, but I see it as the first step before I start looking elsewhere.

Although I had a smaller test system, at the end of it, it went smoothly without a hitch. If I have any problems with it later, then I will look into it as a separate issue because I know the upgrade of both OMS, Agent and repository went OK.

Platform: Windows XP SP2
Dell Latitude D810 Laptop
Intel Pentium M 2.0 GHz Processor
60GB Hard Drive

Environment: Personal Upgrade Testing for Training purpose.

The same Grid Control installation has gone through various upgrades on my system. Release,, and now I think I am ready for the next upgrade. What do you think ?

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