Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Just Another Good DBA Day

Just hoping it will be a more interesting day today.

Have just completed my usual morning checks and trying to deal with a support request that have no useful detail on it. Yes, the usual DBA requests that have not got enough information to determine what and where. Sometimes it is like the question in Oracle Forums that you have to ask "What release and Which platform" etc.

This particular request for users to be created without saying where or for which environment. It may not even be within the service deifinition of the projects I support, could be someone else's responsibility or could even be for a different client/account. As usual, I have asked questions and forwarded it to someone who might know for advice.

Well, I am currently working on a Database Shared Service Centre with various clients/accounts to support. This makes the job interesting, but sometimes more demanding.

It's nice a sunny here this morning, but may get rainy later in the day because it is beginning to show some signs of the sun disappearing. Yesterday was good.

Have a good day.

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